Do you want to keep clean your house and save your furniture ???OH! who doesn’t ?? But if it easy ???You will agree with me that, Everyone in the world keeps clean and safe but that is not easy. But in this Content, I will show you 3 tips to keep clean and healthy your house easily. So, let’s start :

1.Kitchen: If you want to keep healthy firstly you should take care of your kitchen. You can use two Garbage basket. You ask me why ??? I will tell you because of dry and wet garbage. If those mixed it will spread a bad smell. And here also a trick, that is use Polythene to pick up garbage that will not make dirty to your basket.

Do you want to reduce vegetable Bad smell and kitchen Oil: Just simple tricks Use lemon salt with baking soda to clean them and see that’s magic.

2.Floor: Use floor brush or floor map to clean floor also can use the vacuum cleaner. And sure Use antibacterial liquid. It will reduce Cockroach, Mosquito, and flies from your Home. Use Ceiling brush to destroy Spider mesh.

Do you also want to reduce the Yellow stain: Just use lemon salt with some hot water and also use vinegar.

Do you also want to remove sticky tiles or floor: Sometimes your tiles or floor made sticky then just take some hot water with salt and try. Looks like it’s being fresh.

But Warning: Don’t use detergent to clean your floor. It will reduce your floor smoothness.

1.Furniture: To clean your Sofa, Bed and Chair use furniture duster. IF the marker pen ink on the table or bench What will you do ?? How to reduce: Use Toothpaste. What! Yes. It will reduce your ink.

Warning: Don’t Use  Water to clean your furniture. so, the question is how to reduce it ???Use the cleaner or The robe to reduce it. Thank you for reading this article. Hope I will come with more beautiful topics. keep with us. And don’t forget to comment which will immediately you apply to your life.